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Camp Endobanah was formed in 1932 when the land was purchased to provide a camping location for youth groups.  Since then it has been operated entirely on a volunteer basis with the goal of providing a safe and enjoyable camping facility.


  We hope the friendships and memories made at Endobanah will last forever.


The smiles say it all.


The camp has all the facilities and amenities to operate your program. We can accommodate up to 102 campers in bunk beds during warmer months, 62 campers in heated cabins during colder months. For further 

Fully equipped kitchen & dining lodge with 
Huge BBQ & camp Fire Pit
No bathtub, we have a lake
canoe rental
staff & camper washrooms
hot showers
user manuals

“Here, you live.”

 J. Cano, World Vision New Canadian Refugee Camp 

"Camp Endobanah continues to transform the lives of many children as they discover and experience the great outdoors... and just being together with one another away from electronic devices and everyday pressures."

  Paul Ritchi, General Commissioner and Founder - FNE Explorers

“I dreamt about marshmallows this afternoon.”

Alajandra, World Vision New Canadian Refugee Camp

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